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Modern Square Dancing is an incredibly FUN & WHOLESOME ACTIVITY and if you think you would Enjoy spending an hour or 2 a week with Respectful, Fun Loving People, Modern Square Dancing might be just the "ticket" for you. There are Hundreds of Thousands of active square dancers in the US and abroad that currently enjoy this very ECONOMICAL and INCREDIBLY HEALTHY (for both Body & Mind) form of entertainment.

Modern Square Dancing is the type of activity where you can make NEW "Genuine Friends" that you will be happy to spend time with! Why not give it a try? Like so many others, you'll be glad you did! We encourage you to invite some friends to join you!

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Note: PLEASE take a few seconds to fill out the form and we will direct your information request to the group closest to you. There is no obligation nor will we sell your information to others. Also, feel free to leave any Comments/Questions in the box below. There is NO prior dancing experience required or special attire is needed. Come as you are!
And YES, You will have a great time!

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Thank You & We Truly Hope to see you on the dance floor!

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