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   Administration Information For Caller Administrators

1) What is a Caller Administrator?

SquareDanceFun.com offers caller admin the ability to host classes, events and dances. Caller admin can also host classes for other callers and prospective callers.

Note: An admin account is required to post listings (such as classes, dances and events) to the SquareDanceFun.com website. Each admin account functions differently. You may view the different admin accounts HERE.

2) How do I Create a Caller Administration Account?

Before you create your caller admin account, please be sure of the following:

  1. You must be a Caller or a "Caller in Training"  smiley face
  2. Cost: FREE!
  3. You need a best contact mailing address. You may choose during your registration whether you would like this address to be shown on the SquareDanceFun.com website (or keep private).
  4. Other things you may want to include (*optional):
    1. *A description of who you are and/or calling style.
    2. *Caller website(if available).
    3. *A Headshot Photo
    4. This will be displayed on the website to promote you as a caller. Acceptable file formats are: JPG, JPEG, PDF and GIF files.

Step-by-Step Caller Administration Registration

  1. Select the blue ADMINISTRATION button
    (You can also find this button link on the map page)

    Through this account you'll be able to manage all your listings, including square dance classes, caller classes, events and more.

  2. * If you select the admin button from the map page, you'll be asked to check whether your account already exists. Simply follow these instructions:
    1. Select "Register a New Account"   
    2. Select the link Select the link
    3. Enter your zip code and hit "continue" Enter your zip
    4. select the "No, Let's Register" button   

      Note: If you have an account that already exists, you can update that account by selecting     and by selecting HERE to finalize registration (also see image below).

      Update Account
  3. Both links will lead you to the Administration Types Page. These are the types of admin that are available on SquareDanceFun.com (image shown below). Select the Callers     Administration Link and follow the steps.